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By GRANT LILLY - 20 July 2015
I hope winter is being kind to our tourism businesses despite the dramatic weather we are having, with good business for those who rely on the winter months for their peak, and a quieter time for those who use this time to catch up, refurbish or even take a break!

Tourism 2025 In Action
Recognising a rising star


At 23, Sam Swaffield is IHG’s youngest operations manager in Australasia. In June he was recognised as a rising star, winning a 2015 New Zealand Hotel Industry Award. Read more.



Airpoints™ have arrived at Westpac

TIA business partner Westpac has launched a range of Airpoints Dollars™ earning credit cards. They have Airpoints credit cards for business and personal customers and have some great offers to get customers started.

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  • Moteliers urged to consider all their options
    31 July 2015
    The peak body for the New Zealand tourism industry says moteliers should keep an open mind when considering how their collective interests can be best represented.
  • Tourism industry unites to oppose Travel Tax
    28 July 2015
    The Government must rethink its new Travel Tax because it is bad policy which will harm New Zealand’s economy, a coalition of tourism, travel and aviation organisations says.
  • $10,000 prize for top Tourism Industry Award winner
    16 July 2015
    The Supreme Award winner in this year’s New Zealand Tourism Industry Awards will receive a prize valued at up to $10,000, together with the prestige of winning the $24 billion industry’s highest accolade.
  • Gloombusters: Tourism drives economy higher – NZ Herald, 3 Aug 2015
    New Zealand's tourism sector is on track to overtake dairy as New Zealand's biggest export earner and the country will soon crack three million visitors a year.
  • Plans for new $20m hostel - Otago Daily Times - 3rd Aug 2015
    Plans for a $20million, 235 room hostel are being dusted off by Otago Polytechnic as it seeks to increase its international student numbers.
  • Bach owners hit by crackdown - Sunday Star Times - 2nd Aug 2015
    Thousands of bach owners living the Kiwi dream are about to be caught up in a looming crackdown on property investors.

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