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Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of the SupportAdventure Newsletter for 2016. Our newsletter aims to keep you up to date with everything to do with safety - vital to ensuring all those visitors and Kiwis out in force enjoying adventure activities and our great outdoors have fantastic experiences. 

What the auditor saw

<p>Stu Allan</p>
Stu Allan
Improvements, weaknesses and grumpiness!

Another year and another round of adventure activity safety audits. TIA Adventure & Outdoor Project Leader Stu Allan, who is also a Skills Active Safety Auditor, saw considerably improved safety planning. But he also saw weaknesses, often around reviewing – staff monitoring, reporting up the line, incident trend analysis and safety management plan reviews.

In this article, Stu outlines what he saw while working as a safety auditor over the past year – what’s working well and where there is room for improvement.

He notes there is operator “grumpiness” around the time and cost of audits. TIA is raising this issue with WorkSafe New Zealand on behalf of members as part of the certification scheme review.

Activity Safety Guidelines update

  • High Wire and Swing ASG change

 Ziptrek Ecotours

Photo: Ziptrek Ecotours
An updated version of the High Wire and Swing ASG is now on the SupportAdventure website. It clarifies Building Code information which all builds must comply with (see page 18).  You should discuss consent requirements with your building consent authority (usually the local territorial authority).  

  • Indoor Climbing ASG review

An updated version of the Indoor Climbing ASG is now on the SupportAdventure website following the 2015 review. See the document control table on page 2 for the changes, particularly to qualifications and recommended equipment.

Many thanks to everyone who had input into these two ASGs, particularly the two working groups.

Dive Industry Group

In December, TIA Industry Advocate Rachael Moore facilitated the first meeting of the NZ Recreational Dive Industry Group executive

 Dive! Tutukaka

Photo: Dive! Tutukaka
A draft terms of reference was established and work began on developing operational procedures.

The purpose of the group is to enable New Zealand’s recreational dive industry to be a recognised, high quality, safe, sustainable and well-connected sector. A second meeting is planned this month.

Adventure Safety workshops - April

Safety culture will be the focus of TIA’s Adventure Safety workshop facilitated by Chris Warburton. The workshops are scheduled for April. Encourage your senior staff to attend, especially all those involved in safety leadership roles.

Watch this space and the SupportAdventure website for venues and dates.

NZRA Advocacy Advisor

The New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) is in the final stages of recruiting an Outdoor Sector Advocacy Advisor. This position is being established following feedback from the sector, which has identified advocacy as the number one priority for NZRA in support of its outdoor sector members.

The role will build on the good work done by Outdoor Recreation Project Manager Kim Willemse who completed a 12 month contract with NZRA in December. We wish Kim all the best for her future endeavours.

Random drug and alcohol testing

The Government announced today it is introducing random testing in the commercial aviation and maritime sectors to "help tackle drug and alcohol impairment". Read more.

CAA funding review

TIA is working on a submission on the CAA Funding Review which proposes additional costs for tourism operators. According to Aviation New Zealand, one operator in Queenstown estimates it will cost them an extra $25,000 a year. TIA Policy Analyst Nienke van Dijken is really keen to hear your views as soon as possible on how this funding review will impact your business. Email her or call 04 494 1842.

NZOIA Symposium

Registration is now open for the 2016 NZOIA National Training Symposium, 29 September - 2 October. NZOIA (New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association) says places are in demand for this annual highlight.

Qualifications benchmarking

New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (NZOIA) and Skills Active qualifications benchmarking project is progressing well. Read more.

Skills Active and NZOIA are producing an orientation video for assessors to prepare them for their dual assessor role. This is scheduled for release in March, however with NZOIA's Penny Holland out of action with a skiing injury, this may take a little longer than was planned.

EOTC Guidelines review

A review of the Ministry of Education EOTC Guidelines, Bringing the Curriculum Alive (2009) is almost complete. The updated document falls in line with the new Health and Safety at Work Act that will come into force on 4 April 2016. The Guidelines underpin schoolwide management of education outside the classroom (EOTC), which includes outdoor education and any other programmes or events run in the outdoors. 

You'll be able to access the document on the Ministry of Education website TKI

Carrying adrenaline for anaphylaxis

This article outlines the options for carrying adrenaline and the process operators should consider if they do decide to carry it. The article was contributed by Peak Safety Ltd, a company specialising in safety and emergency management in the outdoors. 

Free tramping guides 

 Destination Fiordland

Photo: Destination Fiordland

The Mountain Safety Council's new digital resources for the modern tramper - Day Walks and Multiday Tramping - are available to download and for sharing on social media.

Given the rise of phones and devices in wilderness areas, this initiative is geared towards visitors and Kiwis who plan their trips in a different way.

Safe Sport for Children – new report

A new Sport New Zealand report proposes measures to prevent physical and emotional harm to children in sport and recreation, and to nurture a culture of respect and encouragement.

You'll see the newsletter now features New Zealand Recreation Association branding and contact details. NZRA is working with TIA to strengthen safety across the adventure and outdoor sectors. Don't hesitate to contact us with any queries or feedback.

Rachael & Andrew


Rachael Moore, Industry Advocate, Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA), email rachael.moore@tianz.org.nz

Andrew Leslie, Chief Executive, New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA), email andrew@nzrecreation.org.nz 




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