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Keep the pressure on!

If you are one of the operators granted an extension to the 1 November registration deadline you still need to keep your foot to the pedal as it will be tight to meet the new deadlines:

  • Deadline one: 5pm Monday 1 December – all operators who were granted an extension must be certified. If WorkSafe has not received a certificate from your audit provider by this deadline, your exemption from registration will no longer be in effect and you will need to stop providing the relevant adventure activities.

  • Deadline two: 5pm Friday 12 December - all operators granted an extension must be registered. 

Make sure you are ready to pay your audit invoice – this needs to be processed before you will be certified by your audit provider.

Use the free WorkSafe NZ safety advisors to help you complete your documentation and address non-conformities, email aao@worksafe.govt.nz

No extension?
If you are not on the extension list work hard to meet the 1 November deadline, but prepare for managing your business if you aren’t registered in time.  

Operators covered by the regulations who don’t meet the 1 November deadline and who haven’t been granted an extension will be operating illegally and could face significant financial penalties. WorkSafe advises their inspectors will be out in force from this date. 

Useful information

WorkSafe NZ has released several documents to help adventure activities operators better understand the regulations:

 Aspiring Guides

Photo: Aspiring Guides
Find out if an activity is covered
It can be difficult for people working with an adventure activity operator or using an activity to know if they fall within the scope of the regulations:

  • This useful guide has information on the kind of proof to ask for 
  • This guide is for school education providers and clubs 

If you still have queries about anything to do with the regulations email a WorkSafe safety advisor and ask for advice. 

Make your safety system real!

Many operators have put huge amounts of work into building their safety systems. The challenge now is making them a part of your everyday operation.

Whatever you do, it needs to work for you and your team. We suggest asking your staff for ideas on the best way to do this. Some ideas include:

  • make a new part of your safety system a ‘theme for the week’ on notice boards or in staff meetings
  • introduce a ‘pop quiz’ culture where senior staff ask questions on new parts of the system during a normal working day
  • include prompts or reminders at the end of operational forms and checklists to lead staff to the next step in the system
  • check the agenda for your staff meetings to ensure you cover the correct topics, particularly changes to hazards and incident reporting
  • get together with other trusted operators in your area for management level safety systems discussions  

<p>Chris Warburton</p>
Chris Warburton
TIA staff update

Following Rachael Moore's appointment as TIA Industry Advocate, Chris Warburton has joined the team as TIA’s Adventure & Outdoor Project Leader. His focus will include continuing to establish and embed a strong safety culture across the sector, coaching the sector in the use of the existing safety guidance tools, maintaining and managing the SupportAdventure website, managing the review of existing ASGs and developing one new ASG (see more below). 

Chris is based in Wanaka and has a background in risk and operational management, quality assurance, adventure tourism, education and business development. Past roles include working as a WorkSafe NZ Adventure Activities Safety Advisor and three years with Queenstown Resort College where he developed content for Adventure Tourism Management and Hospitality Management Diplomas. He also spent a number of years in Scotland, working as a guiding, risk, operational, marketing and business management consultant for a range of tourism and outdoor education providers.

Rachael will oversee Chris’ work as he leads the adventure project. We are very excited to have him join the team and the excellent skills and experience he brings to this role. Contact Chris at email chris.warburton@tianz.org.nz mobile 027 2123 979. 

Outdoors NZ AGM and Forum

Outdoors New Zealand (ONZ) is having its 2014 AGM and Forum in Christchurch, 23 and 24 October. ONZ says this is an opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues, hear about what has been going on with ONZ over the past year, and have your say about the future for outdoor recreation and education in New Zealand. The programme includes a WorkSafe NZ presentation, an Awards Dinner and celebration. Registrations are now open. Go to the ONZ website for more details.  

Good practice information

It is important that people using written ‘good practice’ information understand what to consider when relying on this information and the importance of the role of a technical expert. 

Go here for more information and to see a table of sources of written good practice information for a variety of activities. 

Activity Safety Guidelines – coming up

The next ASG to be developed is High Trekking and Low Level Alpine Activities. Contact chris.warburton@tianz.org.nz by 6 November if you want to be part of the development group. Click here to see what’s involved. 

Collaborating on safety

NZ Rivers Association
New Zealand Rivers Association (previously known as the Rafting Association) have their annual workshops in Turangi 10-14 November, and Murchison 24-28 November. They are also running a grade 2 river rescue workshop in Mangaweka on 20-22 October. For information contact nzrivers@nzrivers.co.nz&nbsp;

<p>Adrift Guided Outdoor Adventures</p>
Adrift Guided Outdoor Adventures
Whanganui River Users Group
The Whanganui River Users Group met in September. For information on this group email Mark Matson, Department of Conservation Ranger Partnerships.   

Good luck to everyone working hard to complete your audits and registration. As we've stressed above, if you've been granted an extension please keep the pressure on to ensure you get all the paperwork completed in time for the new deadlines. Congratulations to those of you who are already registered - we hope to see new names added to this list very soon! 



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