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Happy New Year and welcome to the first SupportAdventure newsletter for 2015. With record numbers of international visitors and the beautiful weather, it’s shaping up to be a great summer season for both our tourism and outdoor education readers.

Save the Date!

Save the date now for a TIA SupportAdventure Safety Systems Workshop. Fifteen workshops will be held around the country over March and April.

The three-hour workshop will offer practical support to help you implement and continually improve your safety management systems and ensure that a culture of safety is embedded into your operation. 

Workshop dates and locations follow. More information coming soon in this newsletter and on the SupportAdventure website.


24 March


25 March


26 March


27 March


14 April


15 April


16 April


20 April


21 April


22 April


23 April

New Plymouth

24 April


28 April


29 April


30 April

Implementing your safety systems

It’s important to regularly review your safety systems to ensure they are doing what they are intended to, and to keep up with industry good practice:

  • Ensure you are using the specific systems, processes and forms your safety management system dictates. 
  • Check that you clearly understand each section of your SMP and standard operating procedures. Can you identify sections that may require further clarification?
  • Ensure you use the audited system rather than revert to a pre-audit process. 

Safety consultants wanted
There’s been a steady request from operators who want to use the services of a safety consultant to help implement and improve their safety management systems.  If you are a safety consultant we recommend that you make yourself visible and network the sector. 

Please note that SupportAdventure doesn’t promote commercial services of this nature on the website or newsletter. However, you can advertise on the TIA website or in TIA's weekly electronic newsletter. For more information and rates email TIA Membership Executive Cath.tate@tianz.org.nz

Preparing for surveillance audits 

Operators registered under the Adventure Activities Regulations will be required to undergo surveillance audits during the certification cycle. 

Ensure you understand your surveillance conditions and proactively work towards meeting them. If required, seek external assistance or technical expert support early in the process. Clearly identify what needs to be done and how and ensure you have the time to make the changes. Be aware it could require extra resourcing and time you hadn’t planned for during your peak season.   

Many surveillance requirements will require you to provide evidence that systems are being implemented and documented, i.e. equipment, incidents, hazard management, emergencies, staffing (inductions, training and competency checks), and review/continual improvement systems. Check that you are regularly recording evidence for each system.  The Safety Systems Workshops are coming later in the season, but make sure you keep on top of these things now. 

The SupportAdventure website has plenty of good advice on how to effectively check your systems. 

Skills Active audit capacity

Skills Active advises it currently has capacity to deliver OutdoorsMark audits.

Click here to see the full list of WorkSafe NZ recognised safety audit providers. 

 Kim Willemse

Photo: Kim Willemse
NZRA boosts services to outdoor recreation sector

The New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) has entered into an agreement with Outdoors NZ and Sport New Zealand  to provide advocacy, professional development, and leadership support to the outdoor recreation sector. 

Experienced outdoor recreation professional Kim Willemse is coming on board in the role of NZRA Outdoor Recreation Project Manager to coordinate delivery of these services. Kim has spent the last 20 years in the sport, recreation, outdoor and education sectors, including roles with Skills Active, the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association and Sport Tasman.

Kim loves all things outdoors, especially mountain biking and tramping. She’s a volunteer for the Mountain Safety Council and an officer in the New Zealand Cadet Forces where she enjoys passing on her passion for the outdoors to the next generation.

If you would like more information on the services NZRA will provide to support outdoor recreation, please contact Kim by email at kim@nzrecreation.org.nz or on her mobile 027 697 2002.


Photo: Ziptrek
Activity Safety Guidelines – High Wire and Swing

Activity Safety Guidelines for High Wire and Swing are now available on the SupportAdventure website.

Eight ASGs have now been completed, with Dive in the final stages of development.

Maritime New Zealand - new safety guidelines

Maritime New Zealand has released four new sets of safety guidelines for the following adventure activities:
•         Swimming with mammals
•         Parasailing operations
•         Shark cage diving operations
•         High-speed /thrill-ride vessel operations.
You can view the guidelines here.  

NZ Outdoor Instructors

National Training Symposium
NZOIA (NZ Outdoor Instructors Association) will hold its National Training Symposium from 30 September to 4 October 2015. This year’s training and refresher symposium will be hosted by Peel Forest Outdoor Centre in South Canterbury. Registration opens 31 January.
Cave qualification review
NZOIA is reviewing its cave qualifications in February. If you would like to be part of the process please contact Penny Holland at admin@nzoia.org.nz

Promote new DriveSafe website

TIA is asking tourism operators to promote a new website designed to give visitors the information they need to enjoy a safe driving holiday in New Zealand.

DriveSafe logos are available to use on your own websites and in promotional material. Email info@tianz.org.nz to request a DriveSafe logo.

The new website, developed together with industry and government partners, provides basic information about New Zealand road rules and etiquette, along with links to more details about everything that drivers unfamiliar with our roads need to know. It offers guidance to visiting drivers before they arrive in New Zealand, when they pick up their rental vehicle and during their journey. The website has been translated into German and Mandarin, with more translations planned.

We hope you are all enjoying a fantastic summer, setting up for a new year of outdoor education experiences and recreational training, and catering for the visitors who are eager to enjoy our great outdoors and adrenaline fuelled adventure activities.

Stay safe!





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