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Audits and registration - two weeks to first deadline!

There are just two more weeks to take advantage of the WorkSafe NZ financial package worth up to $1500. Operators who contract with a recognised audit provider by 31 July will qualify (including those who are already registered). So it's vital that those of you covered by the adventure activities regulations who haven't yet contracted an audit provider do so NOW to avoid missing out. Read more details in the following item.

At the same time work with the WorkSafe NZ safety advisers on your paperwork. Their assistance is free and they will coach you as you prepare your paperwork. The better prepared you are, the quicker and cheaper your audit will be. Read more below about the safety advisers, financial assistance and recognised auditor contacts - 1 November is just 16 weeks away!

If you are in a position to offer support to operators in your area or sector who are struggling to get audit ready, please do so.

There are rules for how audits are conducted, including surveillance requirements, duration guidelines and complaints procedures. See this fact sheet for more information.

It is up to indivIdual operators to determine if they are covered by the adventure activities regulations. If you are still unsure, email aao@worksafe.govt.nz as soon as possible and ask for advice.

WorkSafe NZ says that from 1 November 2014 it will be an offence for unregistered operators to continue to provide adventure activities. It says its inspectors "will be out in force ensuring the sector is complying with the law". Initial penalities will include infringement fines of up to $3000, and operators who are prosecuted could face fines of up to $250,000. In addition, operators may be refused registration in the future.

Audits - free advice and financial support

Financial support for audits
WorkSafe NZ is offering financial support to operators to help with the audit process. You can receive $1000 if you provide one type of adventure activity and $1500 if you provide more than one.

To access the funding you must contract a recognised audit provider by 31 July 2014. You don’t need to have completed your Safety Management Plan before contracting an audit provider. Read more.

Templates - SOPs forms and checklists
If you need help developing standard operational procedures and forms and checklists templates have been developed and are available on the SupportAdventure website. More are being developed over the coming week – keep checking back!

Safety Advisers – free help
WorkSafe NZ safety advisers are available to provide free help to all adventure activity operators. Email aao@worksafe.govt.nz

Hot tips from Safety Advisors

Find an audit provider

There are now four recognised audit providers (up from one), available to conduct adventure activities audits and registration. They have provided us with the following information:

Bureau Veritas
A trusted international certification body, Bureau Veritas has been operating in New Zealand for over 20 years. We have taken on board adventure activities certification auditing for 2014 and beyond! We are committed to helping clients get the best we have to offer in terms of technical experts and auditors. We pride ourselves on looking after our clients with a speedy and uncomplicated process to book and undertake audits. Read more and see the website for an overview of the Bureau Veritas scheme.

Bureau Veritas
Sonia Gulland
Business Development Manager
P: 09 526 2745
E: adventure@nz.bureauveritas.com

OutdoorsMark (Skills Active)
OutdoorsMark is the national outdoor safety audit programme designed by the New Zealand outdoors community for the New Zealand outdoors community. One of OutdoorsMark's fundamental objectives is to give participants in adventure activities, and the public, the assurance that the management of the activities has been checked by an independent expert - an OutdoorsMark auditor. See our website for more information.

Sue Gemmel
Manager, Audits and Accreditation
P: +64 4 382 8571
E: sue@outdoorsmark.org.nz

Quality Solutions International
QSI is a New Zealand owned and operated company based in Hawke's Bay, with auditors located throughout the country.  We have more than ten years’ experience auditing elevated-risk activities internationally. QSI uses practical, experienced auditors who share a love of the outdoors and have spent many years working within it.  Wherever possible we use auditors who are also technical experts, which means that the cost of our audits is reduced and the savings passed on to our clients. Read more.

Ben Anderson
Operations Manager
P: +64 21 336 817
E: banderson@qsi-global.com

Visit our website.

Craig Brown
Marketing and Business Development Manager
P: +64 272 445476
E: craig.brown@telarc.co.nz


WorkSafe New Zealand

WorkSafe updates can be found in the adventure activities section of their website. We also link to WorkSafe newsletters from the SupportAdventure homepage. Keep an eye out to stay up to date with WorkSafe’s adventure activity regulation news.

Technical experts required – please help!
WorkSafe NZ is seeking technical experts to help the sector meet the 1 November deadline. The role of the technical expert is to assess the technical safety aspects of a particular adventure activity, and otherwise advise the auditor during an audit.

A technical expert is someone with a high level of competence in one or more adventure activities – for example a holder of a high level qualification such as a level 2 NZOIA or NZMGA award or someone who has an attestation of skills and knowledge to the same level.
If you meet these requirements and are available to assist with audits, please contact WorkSafe at aao@worksafenz.govt.nz. WorkSafe is compiling a list of technical experts to provide to audit providers.

Adventure aviation update – CAA update
 NZONE Skydive/Caue Vaz

Photo: NZONE Skydive/Caue Vaz

The CAA Part 115 Adventure Aviation rules came into force over two years ago and the first of the two yearly re-certifications have been completed with more underway. Once complete the operators will have a five year certificate in force.

CAA says In completing the re-certification it has been very pleasing to see the maturity of the companies developing so much in a relatively short period. For many of the sectors in adventure aviation it has been a major shift from the mainly unregulated past into the fully regulated 115 environment. Read more.

Outdoors New Zealand – a message from Chair Josie Ogden-Schroeder

Outdoors New Zealand continues to operate and is now focusing on ensuring our outdoor sector has appropriate and strong advocacy into the future. Read more.

ONZ annual forum
Outdoors NZ Chair Josie Ogden-Schroeder advises that ONZ intends to have its usual annual forum before the end of the year, where its members will be able to reconnect and learn.  Any questions please email Josie at safety@outdoorsnz.org.nz

Activity Safety Guidelines

ASGs under development
The Coasteering ASG is online for public consultation until 1 August.

Four meetings have been held with the Dive ASG working group. A draft will be with the support group for feedback soon.

<p>Canyoning.co.nz</p> Mike Enright
Photo: Mike Enright

ASGs under review
Canyoning, Caving and Heli-sking ASGs have undergoing their first review with no significant changes. The updated versions will be on-line soon and operators can continue to use the current versions with confidence.

Targeted review of qualifications

Outdoor recreation, dive and snow-sports
The sector reference group for the outdoor recreation, dive and snow-sports sector met for the first time on 10 July. One of the key tasks was to begin establishing technical advisory groups for the development of specific qualifications and strands. Click here for information on the sector reference group.

NZ Outdoor Instructors Association
The review of NZOIA Alpine 1 is complete. The review led to a search for an appropriate avalanche course as a pre-requisite to meet the scope of the alpine qualification. 

 Don Paterson

Photo: Don Paterson
In conjunction with the Mountain Safety Council and experts from the sector, a 4-5 day Backcountry Avalanche Risk Management course has been designed that is focused on foot based travel and includes ongoing assessment components. The first avalanche training/assessment will take place in the central South Island on 17-21 September 2014. Click here to see the 2015 calendar for NZOIA assessments, training and refresher workshops.

Collaborating on safety

If you have any upcoming training or workshops that you could open up to external attendees let us know and we’ll help you spread the word. Collaborating and sharing best practice with your peers will help strengthen the whole sector.

  • The NZ Outdoor Instructors Association National Training Symposium will be at St Paul’s Collegiate Tihoi Venture School from 24-28 September 2014.  This practical symposium aims to encourage the continual professional development of on-the-ground instructors. It’s a forum to network, up skill, train and revalidate NZOIA qualifications. Spaces are filling fast and registration closes 1 August 2014.

 Don't delay!

Congratulations to all those operators who have been through the audit process and are now registered. Click here to see who they are.

For those of you still not underway, contract an audit provider today and use the WorkSafe safety advisers to get audit ready.



Main image: Milford Sound, by Csaba Shepherd, New Tour Zealand




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