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Adventure Activity Regulations updates
Health and safety changes
Great Adventure conference safety takeaways
Alpine Hiking ASG consultation
Mountain Safety Council - new strategy direction
Collaborating on safety
Quaifications news
Staff changes

Adventure Activity Regulations updates

Bi-monthly SupportAdventure and WorkSafe newsletters
The SupportAdventure Newsletter will now be distributed in alternate months with the WorkSafe Adventure Activities Update, a newletter for businesses registered as adventure activity operators. This will ensure you get the most relevant and useful information when you need it.

Click here to see earlier issues of the SupportAdventure Newsletter.

Click here to see the latest WorkSafe Update. It includes an item on the importance of operators covered by the Adventure Activities Regulations budgeting in advance for surveillance audits. 

Surveillance audits – know your stuff
Operators covered by the Adventure Activities regulations need to know in detail what surveillance is planned by your audit company during the next two years, including the estimated duration, cost and rates for the work. Contact your audit company for more information.

Decreasing costs
Audit companies have indicated to WorkSafe that surveillance work and costs are expected to decrease over time for operators who build up a strong track record. WorkSafe advises the best way to minimise your onging audit costs is to show continuing strong safety performance and delivery on all aspects of your Safety Management System Plan.

Mandatory incident reporting
Make sure you notify both WorkSafe and your audit provider of any incidents. It is a legal requirement to contact WorkSafe whenever an incident resulting in serious harm or fatality occurs. It is also part of your contractual obligations to contact your auditor.

Information for inbound operators 
This summary has useful information for inbound operators and other interested parties to help determine whether an operator should be on the Adventure Activities Register.

Health and safety changes

Proposed changes to New Zealand’s health and safety legislation have become clearer following the government’s review of the Health and Safety Reform Bill. WorkSafe has published some helpful information on its website, describing the key changes under the bill.

Many players in the outdoor sector, including TIA, the New Zealand Recreation Association, Federated Mountain Clubs and others, have been in contact with the government, WorkSafe and other decision-makers throughout this process. 

Importantly, safety systems audited under the Adventure Activity Regulations will meet the requirements of the new legislation. You may, however, need to make changes to how you manage other parts of your operation, such as transport and using trades people.

At this stage it appears the changes should not negatively impact volunteering or place an increased burden on landholders who grant access across their land to people who want to access rivers, mountains, lakes and other places of interest.

Great Adventure conference safety takeaways

The importance of embedding a strong safety culture throughout your operation was stressed at TIA’s recent Great Adventure, the conference for adventure and outdoor tourism operators. Key takeouts included:

  • Your culture isn’t what you do around your workplace, it’s ‘why’ you do it. Having everyone on the same page as to ‘why’ is vital. 
  • Culture needs constant leadership and should be reignited from the top each day.
  • The importance of safety management systems as a useful practical tool was stressed. Is your SMS working? 
  • Useful questions from the aviation sector: What is your next accident likely to be, how do you know that, what are you doing to prevent it happening and is it working? 

Alpine Hiking ASG consultation

<p>Photo: Alpine Recreation</p>
Photo: Alpine Recreation
The Alpine Hiking Activity Safety Guideline is open for a month of public consultation from today. 

Mountain Safety Council – new strategic direction

Following a review of how it can keep more people safe in the outdoors, the Mountain Safety Council has confirmed its new strategic plan. It focuses on four broad platforms: partnerships, insights, messaging and organisational excellence.

MSC will be sitting down with partners over the next few months to discuss its new direction and what can be achieved to improve safety by working together across the outdoor sector.

Email Acting Operations Manager Nathan Watson to discuss MSC’s new strategic direction. 

MSC vacancies
MSC is currently recruiting for a number of roles. Click here to see the job descriptions and to apply.  

Collaborating on safety

Outdoors Forum

 Destination Marlborough

Photo: Destination Marlborough
The major conference for New Zealand’s outdoor recreation sector is coming up in Wellington in October, promising an outstanding line-up of speakers and workshops on pressing issues, developing trends and inspiring innovations.

The Outdoors Forum, at Mercure Wellington Abel Tasman Hotel, 22-23 October, caters for people involved in governance, management, practice and education across the sector.

This year’s forum is organised by the New Zealand Recreation Association and Outdoors New Zealand. An event website will be available shortly. In the meantime, please email NZRA's Kim Willemse for more information.

NZOIA Symposium training workshop facilitators
NZOIA is still on the hunt for more training workshop facilitators. If you have something that you are passionate about, that you would like to share with other members to increase their skill set, knowledge and/or inspire them to progress, email admin@nzoia.org.nz  

WWNZ/NZOIA White water refresher teachers/training
This refresher teacher/training course will be held in Murchison at the New Zealand Kayak School, 8-11 October. Attendees will receive a Whitewater New Zealand (WWNZ)/NZOIA River Rescue Certificate. Email Janette Kear at kayaks@xtra.co.nz

Qualifications news

NZOIA and Skills Active Partnership
A Partnership Agreement has been signed by NZOIA and Skills Active. An initial meeting on implementing this agreement explored benchmarking NZOIA qualifications to Skills Active qualifications.

Read the Skills Active ‘TRoQ Update' to keep up to date with the development of adventure activity qualifications on the NZQA framework. 

Staff changes

<p>Rachael Moore</p>
Rachael Moore
Changes at TIA
TIA Industry Advocate Rachael Moore is currently leading TIA's SupportAdventure work, taking over from Chris Warburton, who has completed his 10-month contract as TIA’s Adventure & Outdoor Project Leader. Chris is now busy working on his own business. A big thanks to Chris, who did a great job, including leading 15 SupportAdventure Safety Systems Workshops.  

New faces at NZOIA 
A new staff member and contractor are bringing fresh ideas to the NZOIA team. Sonya Sutherland joins NZOIA as the Office Manager and Symposium Coordinator. Sonya has worked as an Outward Bound instructor, YMCA Manager, Girl Guiding Programme Manager, Project K Programme Coordinator and as a Community Recreation/Sport Advisor for Sport Tasman. 
Deb Hurdle is providing Executive Services for NZOIA through the organisation’s NZRA contract. Deb has been working in the recreation and sport sector for over 20 years, including Manager of Outdoors at the Hillary Commission, running SPARC’s national physical activity campaign and working for Sport NZ. 

Last word...

The winter season is in full swing with no shortage of snow for those of you who cater for visitors and customers during these colder months. For those enjoying a quieter period, this is the perfect opportunity to review safety management plans, work on embedding a strong culture of safety throughout your operation and ensure you know exactly what is happening and when with your surveillance audits.  



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