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Send in your paperwork now!

Operators covered by the Adventure Activities Regulations who don’t have their paperwork with an audit provider by now are at serious risk of not being registered by the 1 November deadline.

Audit time varies between providers, but you should allow at least six weeks to progress, and that requires operators to be highly compliant and meet all of their auditor’s requirements from day one.

You don’t need to submit perfect paperwork to your auditor - it's not a one-off pass or fail review and nonconformities will be addressed as the process continues. This is normal in any audit process. Send in your paperwork now!

WorkSafe NZ advises that as at 28 August:

  • 75 operators are registered – see the list
  • 271 are yet to be registered - 260 of these have signed contracts with audit providers

Help to get through the audit process

Free Safety Advisors
WorkSafe safety advisors are offering free support to operators to help with their safety documentation and address nonconformities identified by auditors. If you don’t know who your safety advisor is, email WorkSafe at aao@worksafe.govt.nz.

Free Adventure Activities Workshops
TIA is running free half-day workshops around New Zealand to support adventure and outdoor operators in satisfying the auditor that their entire safety management system complies with the standard, both in intention and in practice.

You will receive personal coaching and advice on your safety system and documentation, with a focus on preparing for audit or fixing areas where your auditor has said you don’t comply with the audit standard.

These workshops are supported by WorkSafe NZ and will be of value even if you have started your audit. Spaces are limited so we encourage you to register your interest as soon as possible. Click here for dates and venues and thanks to Service IQ for their great support.

Tips and checklists
Click here to see WorkSafe advisor tips to get your paperwork in shape.

Optional templates have been developed and are available on the SupportAdventure website to help you develop your safety management plan, standard operational procedures, forms and checklists.

Strong enforcement post-1 November

WorkSafe New Zealand say that unregistered adventure activities operators who are operating from 1 November will be targeted by their enforcement team.

A dedicated team of 23 WorkSafe NZ inspectors will be trained to enforce the Adventure Activities Regulations. They will use a rapidly escalating enforcement regime, including written warnings, infringement fees up to $3000, and prosecutions with fines up to $250,000. WorkSafe says strong enforcement is also important for those operators who have invested their time and money to be recognised as safer and more professional, and to help protect the reputation of the adventure sector.

Click here to view the latest WorkSafe updates. We link to these updates on the SupportAdventure homepage.

Are you covered?

It’s up to individual operators to find out if they are covered by the Adventure Activities Regulations, and if they are, to be audited and registered by 1 November 2014.

Tourism New Zealand, TIA and WorkSafe NZ have developed a guide to help you understand who is definitely in, definitely out and the grey areas. It also offers some advice on what to do next.

If you are still not sure if you're covered contact aao@worksafe.govt.nz and ask for advice.

Good practice information

Click here to find out how to source information on good practice – including using technical experts and a table listing possible good practice documents.

Activity Safety Guidelines

The Coasteering ASG is now available - click here.

The Dive ASG has been through the support group for feedback and will be available for public consultation soon.

Please email TIA Industry Advocate Rachael Moore rachael.moore@tianz.org.nz with any enquiries about the ASGs.

New audit provider

SGS is the fifth audit provider to be recognised by WorkSafe. You can contact Don Roberts, Systems and Services Certification Business Manager on 09 635 0332, 027 298 1272 or email don.roberts@sgs.com

Click here to see all audit provider contact details.

Civil Aviation Authority update

Rex Kenny, Manager Special flight Operations & Recreational Aviation writes:

Things are hectic in the adventure aviation sector as all part 115 Operators progress through re-certification. Yes, that means Part 115 has been in place for two years! Operators will now be certified for a full five years with risk based audits occurring between every 12 and 24 months. Operators have experienced a reasonably steep learning curve and for many it has taken 24 months to adjust to the new regulatory system. However, they have adjusted well. Positively, we are also seeing a small number of new operators indicating an intention to become Part 115 certifiied.

CAA lists certificated operators on our website and the public has the opportunity to check prior to booking that an operator is certified to provide a particular service. Read more.

Outdoors New Zealand update

Outdoors NZ Chair Josie Ogden Schroeder writes:

The Outdoors NZ AGM will be held in Christchurch on 23 October, followed by an outdoor sector forum.  More information will be provided to ONZ members by mid-September.  We apologise for the delay with this information. Read more.

Qualifications - avalanche training

The first avalanche training/assessment for the new Backcountry Avalanche Risk Management course will take place in the Central South Island on the 17-21 September 2014. The 2015 calendar shows NZOIA assessments, training and refresher workshop dates. Plan ahead.

Collaborating on safety

Collaborating on safety and sharing best practice will help strengthen safety across the whole sector.

  • Some smaller businesses are working together to develop their safety management systems. Consider contacting other operators in your area to work together to meet your audit requirements.
  • The NZ Outdoor Instructors Association National Training Symposium will be at St Paul’s Collegiate Tihoi Venture School from 24-28 September 2014. Click here to see the programme.

Congratulatoins to those operators who are already registered under the Adventure Activities Regulations and to those who have completed their Maritime NZ MOSS and CAA 115 audits. Regular readers of this newsletter will be in no doubt operators covered by the Adventure Activities Regulations are now down to the wire in terms of completing safety audits and registration before the 1 November 2014 deadline. If you are still going through the process, please make use of all the free support available and if at all possible attend a TIA workshop for practical face-to-face support. Most importantly, if you haven't already done so, send your papers to your audit provider today!



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