Cultural Briefs

Cultural Briefs

TIA’s Cultural Briefs aim to  help our members better understand the expectations and needs of visitors from emerging visitor markets.

By delivering an outstanding experience, we can encourage these visitors to stay longer and spend more, come again and tell their friends and family that New Zealand is a fantastic destination.

The Cultural Briefs include practical information on the needs and expectations of visitors from emerging markets in areas like service, food, alcohol and shopping.

Where can I get the Cultural Briefs?

NEW! Brazil and Indonesia Cultural Briefs

In May 2015, TIA released Cultural Briefs for Brazil and Indonesia:

Brazil Cultural Brief
Indonesia Cultural Brief

You can also download the China and India Cultural briefs:
China Cultural Brief
India Cultural Brief

Request a hard copy
Hard copies of the Cultural Briefs are available to all TIA members free of charge. Email if you would like copies.

Hard copies of the Cultural Briefs can be purchased by non-TIA members for $10 plus GST per copy. Email

More information

A very useful resource is the new China Toolkit, designed to inform your business about the Chinese visitor market and enable you to provide the best possible experience to our Chinese visitors

Click on the links below for more useful information and advice on doing business with China and India, including business etiquette, tips for meetings, entertaining do’s and don’ts, social media marketing and language. 


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