TIA provides leadership on matters that impact on the competitiveness and success of our members and the wider tourism industry.

Some of the projects we work on to help our tourism members include:

Tourism 2025
TIA led a project to create Tourism 2025 - Growing Value Together/Whakatipu Uara Ngatahi - a framework to unite New Zealand's large and diverse tourism industry and ignite strong, aspirational economic growth.

Visiting Driver Safety
TIA is working with our members, the wider industry and other stakeholders on initiatives to improve road safety for visiting drivers and New Zealanders.

Adventure tourism safety
TIA takes a lead role in adventure tourism, helping to strengthen safety across this important visitor sector. The government has identified TIA as a trusted industry organisation and the most effective to implement several recommendations coming out of its review into adventure tourism safety.

State of the Tourism Sector 2012
Provides an understanding of how the tourism sector sees its future by identifying the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in both the short and longer term.

Tourism Future Statement 2011-14 - the Visitor Economy, Creating Wealth
Setting out the tourism industry's top priorities for action for the government.

Local government partnership
The visitor industry is seeking a much stronger partnership with local government in order to boost the already significant economic contribution visitors make to communities throughout New Zealand.

Responsible Camping Forum
Spearheaded by TIA, the Forum works to manage community social and environmental issues around freedom camping.



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