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Featured TIA Members

 Recycling kitchen waste into chook feed, smaller plate sizes at the self-service buffet to reduce ‘overloading’ and energy efficient mini bars are amongst a raft of conservation initiatives being undertaken by James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor which are helping save the planet and save it money.

The winner of the Greenfield Hotel Industry Environmental Initiative Award 2014, the hotel is located in Wellington’s CBD, has 268 rooms, two restaurants, conference and gym facilities and is committed to providing great customer service and quality accommodation. It’s also committed to meeting its environmental and social responsibilities and showing leadership in this field.

A ‘Green Team’ made up of staff members is responsible for ensuring the hotel maintains sustainability initiatives and generates new ways to support conservation goals.

A range of green initiatives have been instituted spanning water and waste conservation, energy management, sustainable procurement and community involvement. They range from simple actions like the staff ‘switch off’ policy, to investing in new environmentally friendly products, such as dual flush toilets, more energy efficient boilers, washing machines, computer monitors and mini-bars.

Sustainable procurement examples includes enviro-choice toilet rolls and fish on the menu being changed from red snapper to the more ecologically friendly blue cod.

Supporting local community groups and environmental conservation efforts is another focus. Left-over toiletries are donated to Wellington’s City Mission, a clothing collection bin has been installed on site for staff to drop off unwanted items and unclaimed lost property, tree planting and volunteering staff for the Mary Potter Hospice Street Appeal and annual Strawberry Festival.

The past year was the James Cook’s most successful year in regards to its environmental footprint, with the  efficiency and conservation initiatives it’s been putting in place since 2009 showing enduring results.

 The amount of waste sent to landfill has decreased markedly. Staff can now identify and reduce wastage at every step in the food chain, from food preparation right through to service. A key aspect of the hotel’s food wastage profile was customers over loading their plates at the buffet. A change to small plates has seen the buffet plate waste reduce dramatically.

46,500 litres of water is saved annually through a ‘Go Green’ initiative for guests who stay more than one night where they can choose not to have their towels and bedding laundered.

The James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor has been awarded Qualmark’s Environment Award Silver as well as silver level certification from the international environmental certification agency EC3 Global.

The Greenfield Hotel Industry Environmental Initiative Award 2014 was one of three awards presented at the New Zealand Hotel Industry 2014 Conference in Auckland on 5 June, co-hosted by TIA and Horwath HTL.



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