Tourism industry update: swine influenza outbreak

15 July 2009

March 2010

Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1), often termed ‘swine flu’, may return in a second wave as early as the end of March or early April 2010.

The Ministry of Health is strongly encouraging everyone to get the seasonal influenza (flu) vaccine which has now arrived in New Zealand surgeries. It says this year’s vaccine will protect against swine flu as well as two other common influenza strains.

The vaccine is free for people who are at high-risk of developing complications from influenza. People who don’t qualify for a free flu vaccine can get it through their GP for a small charge. Many employers also offer free immunisation to their employees, in particular those in front-line positions.

The ministry says that although current trends indicate that for most people swine flu is similar to normal winter seasonal flu, for some individuals it can be very serious and can lead to complications, even death.

Anyone can catch influenza, even the fit and healthy, and they advise people to be vigilant and take reasonable precautions.

Most people will experience a mild to moderate illness and will be able to manage the symptoms at home.

Most people will not need to see a doctor. Get medical advice if you have a serious condition or if your condition worsens.

More information:

Health information and advice, call Healthline on 0800 611 116

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