Tourism Policy

Tourism Policy


Ministry for the Environment's Next steps for fresh water: Consultation document (2016)
22 April 2016
Clean fresh water is vital to the growth and sustainability of New Zealand's tourism industry, and the Government must make protecting it a priority, TIA says in this submission.

Submission to Maritime New Zealand on the Proposal to Revoke Maritime Rules Part 81
31 March 2016
TIA does not support proposed changes to rafting regulations as they will increase costs to operators with no benefit in safety outcomes. 

Letter of support to Wellington City Council on the Wellington Convention Centre and Movie Museum proposal
15 March 2016
TIA recommends the Wellington Convention Centre go ahead as proposed. It will provide lasting economic benefits to the country by improving New Zealand’s capability to host medium to large-scale international conferences and exhibitions. The Movie Museum adds a significant and positive new dimension to the original proposal. 

Submission to the Ministry for the Environment on the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill
14 March 2016
The proposed legislative changes seem to be a step in the right direction to correct long-term issues with the RMA (which affects all tourism businesses). There needs to be an implementation framework to successfully put the changes into effect. There are still many more process improvements that could be made as overall the process of applying for RMA consents is still relatively cumbersome.

Submission to the Ministry for the Environment on the Marine Protected Areas Act
11 March 2016
This consultation document is light on details and does not specifically address existing tourism operator property and user rights. We recommend the MFE releases a second consultation document before the final proposal is enabled, and that they undertake consultation with affected members of the tourism industry.

Submission to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on the Changes to the Funding Arrangements
for the CAA’s Regulatory Functions 2016-19;Phase Two Consultation

19 February 2016
TIA has a number of significant concerns around the proposed changes including a lack of transparency around the impact on businesses and a potential impact on safety.

Submission to the Ministry of Transport on the Future of Small Passenger Services
12 February 2016
TIA does not endorse the favoured Option 4 as it is currently proposed.

Proposals to Make Changes to Maritime New Zealand Fees and the Maritime Levy for 2016-2019
22 January 2016
TIA says proposed increases in Maritime New Zealand levies and fees target the tourism sector unjustifiably, in order to subsidise the fees of other maritime operators. We arecalling for a number of changes to the proposed increases.

Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill
21 January 2016
TIA supports the removal of the statutory restriction on shops opening on Easter Sunday, to benefit the tourism industry and local economies. TIA recommends a national approach on Easter trading instead of bylaws for individual areas within council districts. Finding businesses open in some places and not others does not create the seamless visitor experience that the tourism industry aspires to deliver.



Key tourism policy areas are:

Other Tourism Policy Issues:

Joint submission to Maritime New Zealand on the Marine Protection Rules Part 300: Ballast water management
30 October 2015
TIA and Cruise New Zealand believe the requirement for ships to have on-board water treatments systems will require significant investment of capital. There should be a minimum lead-in of five years before the requirement becomes mandatory for ships visiting New Zealand.  

Submission to ACC on the Levy Consultation 2016/17
30 October 2015
TIA feels that it is important for ACC to better engage with the wider tourism industry and future consultation with the tourism industry is encouraged, especially if the proposed levy change means an increase to a classification unit.

Implementation of the Border Clearance Levy
28 July 2015
TIA and the Coalition Against Travel Tax are opposed to the introduction of a Travel Tax or Border Clearance Levy as it will harm the growth of the visitor economy.

ADS Code of Conduct Amendments Discussion Paper
10 July 2015
TIA supports the proposed amendments to the ADS Code of Conduct on the basis that they align with Tourism 2025 and are likely to improve the Chinese visitor experience.

New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement
15 May 2015
TIA has recommended that the New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement be upgraded to include changes to work visa policy settings so the tourism industry can source more workers who can speak Chinese and understand the culture of Chinese visitors.

Joint Review of Border Fees, Charges and Taxes
31 October 2014
TIA has requested the Australian Government to progress initiatives to streamline travel between Australia and New Zealand, including reducing its Passenger Movement Charge and developing a common visitor visa.

TIA Submission to MBIE on the Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) Review
29 August 2014
TIA made a submission to MBIE detailing areas where the CAM can be improved to provide better insight for the tourism industry.

TIA submission to Port Lyttelton on the Port Lyttelton Plan
22 August 2014
TIA made a submission to Port Lyttelton highlighting the need to take into account the importance of cruise ships (including larger vessels) to the wider Canterbury region when assessing its development plans.

 TIA submission to the Commerce Commission NZ on the Expedia/Wotif Acquisition
20 August 2014
TIA has made a submission asking that if this acquisition is approved, some conditions are imposed on expedia regarding commission levels charged to accommodation providers.

Health and Safety Reform Bill - TIA submission to the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee
9 May 2014
TIA supports the overall objectives of the Health and Safety Reform Bill but raised concerns about the potential impacts on small to medium sized tourism businesses.

TIA Submission to the Queenstown Lakes District Council on the Queenstown Convention Centre Proposal
31 August 2013
TIA supports the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) proposal to lead the development of a convention centre.

TIA submission on the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill
22 August 2013
TIA recommends the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill be passed on the basis that an International Convention Centre, as proposed to be built by SKYCITY, will provide lasting significant economic benefits to the tourism industry and to the country.

TIA submission on the NZ Adventure Activities Certification Scheme
5 August 2013
TIA made a submission to MBIE on the Draft NZ Adventure Activities Certification Scheme that will set out requirements for bodies providing safety audit and certification of adventure activities. TIA has been on the Technical Committee that helped develop the scheme and believes that further collaborative work is required to successfully complete the job.

Skills Active Targeted Review Of Qualifications
28 March 2013
TIA is commenting on the first consultation round of the Skills Active ITO Recreation, Sport and Fitness Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ). The purpose of this consultation round is to seek feedback on the proposed draft qualification pathways for the Recreation, Sport, Fitness, Outdoor Recreation and Dive sectors.

Cricket World Cup 2015
27 February 2013
TIA is joining forces with TTF in Australia to advocate for a common events visa for the duration of the Cricket World Cup in 2015.  Such a visa would streamline travel for cricket between Australia and New Zealand for cricket fans.  A similar visa was set up by Caribbean countries when the Cricket World Cup was held there in 2007.

Wero Development
26 February 2013
TIA has submitted to the Auckland Council in support of Wero, a multi-purpose tourism and recreational facility that is proposed for South Auckland.  Read the submission here….

Maritime NZ Funding Review Submission
November 2012
TIA submitted on the Maritime NZ Funding Review Consultation paper, supporting the review process and suggesting further investigation into the proposed charging regime and allocation of fuel excise duty.

ACC Levy Consultation 2013-2014
October 2012
TIA has submitted to ACC on the 2013-2014 levies, supporting the decrease in levies for the outdoor and adventure activities sector, a general decrease across the board for all tourism businesses, enhancements to the workplace safety discount programme and the goods service vehicle reclassification.

Lobbying Disclosure Bill
October 2012
TIA has made a submission to Parliament’s Government Administration Committee on the Lobbying Disclosure Bill.  The Association supports the Bill because “it has nothing to hide”, but says the Bill is trying to “fix something that is not broken”.  Read the submission here.

Holidays (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day) Amendment Bill
13 September 2012
TIA has lodged a submission to Parliament in support of a Private Member’s Bill in the name of David Clark, to ‘Mondayise’ Waitangi Day and Anzac Day when they fall on a Saturday or Sunday.  The Association believes ‘Mondayising’ these days will stimulate the domestic tourism market.

TIA submission regarding the Takapuna Beach Holiday Park
11 September 2012
The park represents a unique asset for Auckland by providing a camping experience close to the heart of NZ’s largest city.

Tourism & Transport Forum Submission
June 2012
TIA and Australia’s Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) have lodged a joint submission to the Australian Productivity Commission advocating for stronger economic relations between the two countries and emphasising the need to reduce the Australian Passenger Movement Charge.

‘Domestic like’ travel experience for trans-Tasman travellers
March 2012
TIA provided feedback with respect to the value of realising a ‘domestic like’ travel experience for trans-Tasman travellers and the risks, implications and benefits for the tourism industry that are likely to be associated with this.

Key Roles in Industry Training Systems  
January 2012
TIA has made a submission to the Ministry of Education on a review of industry training.  The Association has emphasised the importance of vocational based training and the need for training and qualifications to better match the needs of tourism businesses.  Other aspects of the submission include the importance of on-the-job training, short duration courses and better engagement between industry and training providers.

See Policy Archive for earlier submissions.


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