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Tourism Policy

Key tourism policy areas are:

Other Tourism Policy Issues:

New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement
15 May 2015
TIA has recommended that the New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement be upgraded to include changes to work visa policy settings so the tourism industry can source more workers who can speak Chinese and understand the culture of Chinese visitors.

Air New Zealand & Air China Authorisation of Alliance
8 May 2015
TIA has made a submission in support of the Air New Zealand and Air China alliance.

Air New Zealand and Cathay Pacific Reauthorisation
30 January 2015
TIA has made a submission in support of the reauthorisation of the Air New Zealand and Cathay Pacific North Asia Alliance. 

Joint Review of Border Fees, Charges and Taxes
31 October 2014
TIA has requested the Australian Government to progress initiatives to streamline travel between Australia and New Zealand, including reducing its Passenger Movement Charge and developing a common visitor visa.

TIA Submission to MBIE on the Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) Review
29 August 2014
TIA made a submission to MBIE detailing areas where the CAM can be improved to provide better insight for the tourism industry.

TIA submission to Port Lyttelton on the Port Lyttelton Plan
22 August 2014
TIA made a submission to Port Lyttelton highlighting the need to take into account the importance of cruise ships (including larger vessels) to the wider Canterbury region when assessing its development plans.

 TIA submission to the Commerce Commission NZ on the Expedia/Wotif Acquisition
20 August 2014
TIA has made a submission asking that if this acquisition is approved, some conditions are imposed on expedia regarding commission levels charged to accommodation providers.

TIA Submission on the Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines alliance
21 February 2014
TIA has made a submission to the Ministry of Transport in support of an application for the Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines Alliance.

TIA Policy Proposal: Cricket World Cup Visa Processing
7 February 2014
In 2015, Australia and New Zealand will jointly host the International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup (CWC). Venues are now confirmed and all teams will play games in both countries during both preliminary and final stages of the tournament.

ACC Levy Rates 2014-2015 Consultation
ACC is currently consulting on the 2014-2015 levy rates. The proposed levy rates for your sector can be viewed at www.acc.co.nz/levyconsultation along with instructions on how to lodge a submission. 
Submissions close on Tuesday 15 October at 5pm. Once public feedback is received and considered the Minister for ACC, Judith Collins, will approve final ACC levies in December 2013.

 TIA Submission to the Queenstown Lakes District Council on the Queenstown Convention Centre Proposal
31 August 2013
TIA supports the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) proposal to lead the development of a convention centre.

TIA submission on the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill
22 August 2013
TIA recommends the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill be passed on the basis that an International Convention Centre, as proposed to be built by SKYCITY, will provide lasting significant economic benefits to the tourism industry and to the country.

TIA submission on the NZ Adventure Activities Certification Scheme
5 August 2013
TIA made a submission to MBIE on the Draft NZ Adventure Activities Certification Scheme that will set out requirements for bodies providing safety audit and certification of adventure activities. TIA has been on the Technical Committee that helped develop the scheme and believes that further collaborative work is required to successfully complete the job.

Skills Active Targeted Review Of Qualifications
28 March 2013
TIA is commenting on the first consultation round of the Skills Active ITO Recreation, Sport and Fitness Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ). The purpose of this consultation round is to seek feedback on the proposed draft qualification pathways for the Recreation, Sport, Fitness, Outdoor Recreation and Dive sectors.

Cricket World Cup 2015
27 February 2013
TIA is joining forces with TTF in Australia to advocate for a common events visa for the duration of the Cricket World Cup in 2015.  Such a visa would streamline travel for cricket between Australia and New Zealand for cricket fans.  A similar visa was set up by Caribbean countries when the Cricket World Cup was held there in 2007.

Wero Development
26 February 2013
TIA has submitted to the Auckland Council in support of Wero, a multi-purpose tourism and recreational facility that is proposed for South Auckland.  Read the submission here….

Maritime NZ Funding Review Submission
November 2012
TIA submitted on the Maritime NZ Funding Review Consultation paper, supporting the review process and suggesting further investigation into the proposed charging regime and allocation of fuel excise duty.

ACC Levy Consultation 2013-2014
October 2012
TIA has submitted to ACC on the 2013-2014 levies, supporting the decrease in levies for the outdoor and adventure activities sector, a general decrease across the board for all tourism businesses, enhancements to the workplace safety discount programme and the goods service vehicle reclassification.

Lobbying Disclosure Bill
October 2012
TIA has made a submission to Parliament’s Government Administration Committee on the Lobbying Disclosure Bill.  The Association supports the Bill because “it has nothing to hide”, but says the Bill is trying to “fix something that is not broken”.  Read the submission here.

Holidays (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day) Amendment Bill
13 September 2012
TIA has lodged a submission to Parliament in support of a Private Member’s Bill in the name of David Clark, to ‘Mondayise’ Waitangi Day and Anzac Day when they fall on a Saturday or Sunday.  The Association believes ‘Mondayising’ these days will stimulate the domestic tourism market.

TIA submission regarding the Takapuna Beach Holiday Park
11 September 2012
The park represents a unique asset for Auckland by providing a camping experience close to the heart of NZ’s largest city.

International Air Transport Policy Review  
18 June 2012
With the support of members, TIA has lodged a comprehensive submission to the Ministry of Transport on the international air transport policy review.  In the paper, the Association has stressed the importance of air connectivity for both New Zealand’s tourism and trade interests.  Read the full submission here.

Tourism & Transport Forum Submission
June 2012
TIA and Australia’s Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) have lodged a joint submission to the Australian Productivity Commission advocating for stronger economic relations between the two countries and emphasising the need to reduce the Australian Passenger Movement Charge.

‘Domestic like’ travel experience for trans-Tasman travellers
March 2012
TIA provided feedback with respect to the value of realising a ‘domestic like’ travel experience for trans-Tasman travellers and the risks, implications and benefits for the tourism industry that are likely to be associated with this.

Key Roles in Industry Training Systems  
January 2012
TIA has made a submission to the Ministry of Education on a review of industry training.  The Association has emphasised the importance of vocational based training and the need for training and qualifications to better match the needs of tourism businesses.  Other aspects of the submission include the importance of on-the-job training, short duration courses and better engagement between industry and training providers.

Briefing to the Incoming Ministers 2011
21 December 2011
TIA has prepared a short briefing to the Minister and Associate Minister of Tourism, John Key and Chris Tremain, outlining the key issues and strategic priorities facing the sector over the next three years.

Auckland Plan
31 October 2011
TIA has lodged a submission on the Draft Auckland Plan. While supporting the strategic direction of the Plan, the Association has called for the visitor economy to receive a higher profile. TIA has also stressed the importance of the city’s infrastructure and transport as a key to Auckland becoming a world class city and destination.p>

Fishing Licences
28 October 2011
TIA has lodged a submission to the Department of Conservation and Fish and Game Council on a proposal to increase licence fees for non-resident anglers. The Association opposes such an increase.

GST: Business-to business neutrality across borders
28 October 2011
TIA, ITOC and the NZHC have today lodged a submission to IRD on GST cross-border neutrality proposals after advice received from PriceWaterhouse Coopers. The proposals have potentially positive implications for tourism operators, hotels, inbound tour operators and visitors. At the same time, the industry is concerned there could be some negative connotations for businesses. The submission can be read on the members sections of the TIA, ITOC and NZHC websites.

ACC Levy Consultation, 2012-2013
26 August 2011
Supported by its members, TIA has again lodged a submission to ACC on the 2012-2013 levy consultation.  While supportive of a reduction in levies, the Association has highlighted concerns around where some adventure tourism businesses are classified and how experience rating is affecting ski businesses.

Core Dataset Review Feedback
24 August 2011
TIA has submitted feedback to MED on the tourism domain plan, as part of the Core Tourism Dataset Review project. This was based on member feedback and TIA’s research needs to ensure delivery of  a robust and informative research programme to our members.

Tourism Domain Plan August 2011
24 August 2011
This discussion document is based on consultation with a large number of New Zealand tourism stakeholders and tourism operators. It forms part of the Tourism Data Review that is currently underway and will be used to inform decision making around future tourism data collection and analysis.

Reform of UK Air Passenger Duty
17 June 2011
TIA, along with ITOC, NZAA and TAANZ, has today lodged a major submission with the UK government on reform of Air Passenger Duty (APD).  The groups oppose the APD in its current form on the basis that it discriminates against travel to and from long haul destinations and is ultimately a barrier to travel.  TIA, ITOC, NZAA and TAANZ also say that APD is a blunt taxation instrument with the revenue gathered not being used for carbon reduction or environmental initiatives.  Full details can be read here

Review of Domestic and International Passenger Security Charges
20 April 2011
TIA has made a submission to the Aviation and Security Service (AVSEC) on the review of domestic and international passenger security charges.  AVSEC has proposed a reduction in charges to take effect from 1 July 2011.  In previous years, TIA has argued for a reduction in charges largely on the basis that AVSEC has been accumulating reserves well in excess of its required reserves policy.  Read the submission here

Telecommunications (TSO, Broadband and other matters) Amendment Bill
11 March 2011
TIA has made a submission to the Telecommunications Amendment Bill, stressing the importance of broadband to a competitive New Zealand tourism industry, and the need for government to invest in broadband infrastructure beyond the urban centres.

Alcohol Reform Bill
18 February 2011
TIA has today submitted to Parliament on the Alcohol Reform Bill.  While the Association supports the social objectives of the Bill, it has highlighted its concerns about certain aspects of the legislation that may impact negatively on the visitor experience.

New Zealand Hotel Council Alcohol Reform Bill
18 February 2011
NZHC has submitted to Parliament on the Alcohol REform Bill. NZHC supports the objective of the Bill and comments on some aspects that it belives will most impact on members' businesses.

Review of University Entrance 2010
December 2010  
The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is consulting with stakeholders on changes to university entrance (UE) requirements.  The proposal, as it currently stands, could have serious implications for the tourism and hospitality sectors, as it will create an ‘approved subject’ list linked to the school curriculum, which by default would exclude tourism.

UPDATE: NZQA is currently considering more than 400 submissions with a decision due in February on tourism’s classification.

UK Air Passenger Duty
November 2010
TIA and industry leaders wrote to the UK government this week about that country’s air passenger duty (APD) which was recently increased. The submission highlighted industry concern that the APD will be the catalyst for other European states to do the same.  Germany is introducing a new air travel tax on 1 January, and Austria has announced plans for a similar tax.  TIA, ITOC and NZ Airports told the UK government that air travel taxes of this nature use travellers as an easy target to meet debts faced by state jurisdictions.  The UK APD letter will be delivered to Whitehall next week by New Zealand’s High Commission in London.

UPDATE: Awaiting a reply from the British Government, but PM John Key reportedly raised the matter with UK Foreign Secretary William Hague when he visited New Zealand on 21 and 22 January 2011.

German Air Travel Tax – Letter to German Government
TIA, the Inbound Tour Operators Council (ITOC) and the NZ Airports Association have written a letter to the German government, highlighting concerns about the air travel tax they plan to introduce on 1 January 2011.

Click here to read the response from the German Government, December 2010

ACC Levy Consultation and Experience Rating – 2011/2012
October 2010
With the help of members, TIA has lodged a submission with ACC on levy rates for 2011/2012 as well as experience rating.  The main issues discussed include levy increases, levy classifications and the combined impact of cost increases across the tourism sector.

OUTCOMES: TIA called for staged introduction of the increases over 2-3 years and better recognition of businesses managing their accident risk with discount plans.  After consultation, ACC reduced the proposed levies slightly.  TIA is continuing to work with ACC to achieve good results for members.

Airports (Cost Recovery for Processing of International Travellers) Bill
7 October 2010 
TIA has completed a submission to Parliament commenting on cost recovery options for the processing of international travellers.  The Association supports the proposal for government to fund customs and bio-security services but for airlines and passengers to meet aviation security costs.  However, TIA says the government should be mindful of keeping charges to a fair level so as not to deter airlines or visitors from coming here.

Porters Proposed Expansion
24 September 2010  
The Association has today made a submission to the Selwyn District Council in support of Porters Ski Area, a TIA member.  The submission supports the expansion of Porters that is due to be completed by 2013.

Food Bill
2 September 2010
Parliament is currently considering a new Food Bill that will introduce substantial reforms to the regulatory regime for the safety and suitability of food.  It imposes a primary duty on all people preparing and serving food that the food is safe and suitable.  The Hospitality Association and the Motel Association have also made submissions to the Primary Production Select Committee that is looking at the changes.

OUTCOME: A new Food Bill is planned for introduction in the 2011 parliamentary year.  More information on its impact for tourism businesses will be available later in the year or once the Bill becomes law.

Post-Budget Depreciation Issues
1 September 2010
The government announced significant changes in Budget 2010 to the depreciation regime on commercial buildings.  These changes will impact on some tourism businesses, especially hotels and motels.  TIA has made a submission to IRD setting out the main issues for the tourism industry as well as supporting the changes that have been made around fit-outs.

OUTCOME: As a result of submissions made, IRD made some changes to the regime to ease the cost burden on tourism businesses.

Growing New Zealand's Share of the International Business Events Market and Strengthening the National Network of Convention Centres
23 June 2010
Growing New Zealand’s Share of the International Business Events Market and Strengthening the National Network of Convention Venues.  This submission concentrates on the tourism industry’s overarching views on government and industry priorities for investment in a national convention centre or network of

Review of the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004
30 April 2010
TIA has provided a brief submission to the government’s review of the Foreshore and Seabed Act.  Please read the submission by clicking on the link above.

Safe Use of ATVs on New Zealand Farms” Agricultural Guidelines
February 11 2010
TIA has submitted to the Department of Labour (DOC) after they sought comment on a proposal to include the Adventure Tourism Industry in their publication “Safe Use of ATVs on New Zealand Farms: Agricultural Guideline.” TIA advocates against this in the short term given the significant difference between the adventure industry and agriculture and the potential to disrupt the current review of guidelines being undertaken by the Department and operators.

OUTCOME: The publication has been confined to providing practical guidance on how farmers, farm workers and contractors can meet their obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (HSE Act) in relation to the use of quad bikes.

Review of Domestic and International Passenger Security Charges 2009
December 02 2009
As it did in 2007, TIA has submitted to the review of passenger security charges being run by the Aviation Security Service (AVSEC).  While acknowledging the good services provided by AVSEC at New Zealand airports, TIA has supported the position of the Board of Airline Representatives (BARNZ) in saying that current charges are too high for the airlines and travelling public, that AVSEC s surpluses are excessive given the current economic climate and has said the organisation needs to consider how to drive more efficiency through its operation.

ACC Levy Consultation 2010-11
November 11 2009
Together with other associations in the tourism industry, TIA has made a submission to the Accident Compensation on the setting of the 2010-11 levies.  While acknowledging the difficult financial situation that ACC finds itself in, the Association has pointed out the implications the levy rises for next year will have on tourism businesses and has called for a staged introduction of the rises.  Comment is also made on the wider ramifications that next year’s ACC levies could have on the New Zealand economy.

Cromwell Visitor Centre 
November 05 2009
In support of Tourism Central Otago and the Central Otago District Council, TIA has made a submission on the proposal for a newly relocated Visitor Information Centre and I-SITE for Cromwell.

Rural Broadband
November 05 2009
TIA has made a submission to the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) advocating for better broadband services in rural areas.  This paper supports an earlier submission TIA made to MED in April in which it argued for more tourism areas to be included in the government’s roll out of ultra-fast broadband.  Access to broadband services was a top issue for tourism operators during the recent Tourism Regional Leadership Series in September.

Review of Liquor Laws
November 05 2009
In support of the Hospitality Association of NZ (HANZ) and the New Zealand Hotel Council (NZHC), TIA has made a submission to the Law Commission on the review of the country’s liquor laws.  TIA generally supports a liberal approach to the sale and supply of liquor but has qualified its position by calling for better  education and culture change to tackle New Zealand’s poor drinking culture.

Infrastructure: Facts and Issues - Towards the First National Infrastructure Plan
October 16 2009
TIA has made a submission to The Treasury on work towards a First National Infrastructure Plan for New Zealand.  On behalf of the tourism industry, the Association has commented on both national and regional infrastructure issues.  Please read the submission below.

Safer Journeys Submission
October 09 2009
TIA has made a submission to the Ministry of Transport (MOT) on the Safer Journeys discussion document.  In its submission the Association details it support for the overall direction of the strategy to make New Zealand’s roads safer.  In particular, TIA has asked MOT to consider incorporating specific safety messages for the many overseas visitors driving on the country’s roads.

Broadband Investment Initiative Submission
April 27 2009
The Government has published a draft proposal on its plan to spend $1.5 Billion on rolling out an ultra-fast broadband fibre optic network around New Zealand.  TIA has made a submission and has said it is concerned that key tourism regions which are a major source of New Zealand's international competitiveness and export earnings including Queenstown, Wanaka, Kaikoura, the Bay of Islands, Northland, the Coromandel, and the West Coast have been excluded from the 25 regions in the current proposal.
Broadband Investment Initiative Submission

Land Transport Rule: Worktime and Log Books Amendment 2009
February 27 2009
TIA has made a submission to the New Zealand transport agencies proposed rule on Worktime and Log Books.
Land Transport Rule: Worktime and Log Books Amend

Briefing to the Incoming Ministers
December 19 2008
TIA presented its Briefing to the Incoming Ministers, Prime Minister John Key and Associate Minister of Tourism Jonathan Coleman this week.  The tourism industry needs to adapt quickly to the changing international marketplace.  This Briefing outlines the top priorities for the Government and industry both immediately and in the year ahead.
Briefing to the Incoming Ministers

Review of Easter Trading
Dec 2007
The government is reviewing regulations around Easter trading, specifically whether retailers open on Easter Sunday. TIA submitted to Parliament on this issue in 2006 and has done so again this year. The position of the Association favours liberalisation of Easter trading with all regions able to open. We think, however, that in the end it should be the individual choice of businesses as to whether they open or not.
 Review of Easter Trading


ACC Levies 2008-09

Oct 2007

The Association has again provided a submission to ACC on the setting of levies for the 2008-09 year. TIA's main points ask for a more active approach by ACC in consulting with the tourism sector in the levy setting process, especially when levy increases can unfairly threaten the sustainability of some businesses. The submission also stresses the need to reduce the compliance and regulatory burden. Please read the submission here
ACC Levies 2008-09


Aviation Passenger Security Charges

Sept 2007

The Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) has been consulting on proposed increases to domestic and international aviation passenger security charges. TIA has broadly supported the views of the Board of Airline Representatives (BARNZ). Please read TIA’s position in the attached submission
Aviation Passenger Security Charges


Draft Vehicle Equipment Amendment Rule

April 2007

Following consultation with Members, TIA has lodged a short submission to Land Transport New Zealand (LTNZ) in support of an amendment to reduce vehicle noise which is emerging as a significant public concern. Please read TIA’s submission outlining the issues.
Draft Vehicle Equipment Amendment Rule

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