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TIA in the News

TIA works hard to raise public awareness about the value of tourism. We comment on a range of tourism issues in the media, to highlight matters of importance to our members, and to make sure tourism is better understood.

April 2015

Passport-free travel between Australia and NZ – RadioLive, 23 Apr 2015
(audio link, click on Thurs 23 Apr, 16.30; item begins at 10’30”) TIA Chief Executive discusses the subject of passport-free travel between Australia and NZ.

Free movement between Australia and NZ? – Newstalk, 23 Apr 2105
The subject of passport-free trans-Tasman travel's been raised again - this time by Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne.

Tourism businesses expect boost from first Anzac Mondayisation – Stuff, 24 Apr 2015
For the first time Saturday's Anzac commemorations will result in a paid day off for weekday workers because people who usually work the following Monday will be treated as though the public holiday fell on Monday.

Passport-free zone backed by tourism industry – NZN, 23 Apr 2015
The tourism industry has thrown its support behind an idea to scrap passports for Aussies and Kiwis travelling to each other's countries.

Adventure tourism safety under the spotlight – Dunedin TV, 14 Apr 2015
The safety of local adventure tourism is under the spotlight, and the subject of an industry workshop.

Hotels and motels catch a golden summer – Dominion Post, 11 Apr 2015
It was a golden summer for tourism, but in some places the "no vacancy" sign is coming out more often and room prices are rising.

City benefiting from nationwide tourism boom – Dunedin TV, 31 Mar 2015
Tourism is worth more than $400m to Dunedin each year.

Tourism industry wary over bed tax - New Zealand Herald - 1st Apr 2015
The organisation representing tourist operators says that bed taxes can work, but only in some places.

March 2015

Scrapped Christchurch flights to impact SI – Radio NZ Checkpoint, 31 Mar 2015
Air New Zealand is scrapping direct flights from Tokyo to Christchurch, a move the lead tourism agency says will hurt tourism operators across the South Island.

New Zealand Tourism Scaling New Heights: Hard Marketing And Smart Strategies At Work – International Business Times, 30 Mar 2015
New Zealand tourism is in international limelight. The interplay of many calibrated strategies have reinforced its brand appeal, and in 2015, it is basking in the glory of having surpassed all past records in terms of huge tourist arrivals.

Tourism lifts with airline capacity - New Zealand Herald - 27th Mar 2015
Tourism has returned to strong international growth for the first time since the global financial crisis, boosted by an increase in airline capacity.

International arrivals grow 15pc in February - Dominion Post - 27th Mar 2015
Christchurch Airport international passenger numbers grew 15 per cent in February from the prior corresponding month in 2014 new statistics show.

Tourism industry travelling well again – The Press, 27 Mar 2015
New Zealand's premier tourism event, Trenz 2015, will see a larger contingent of buyers out of the United Kingdom as well as emerging markets such as Indonesia, Argentina and Brazil.

Code of practice to better screen tourist drivers - New Zealand Herald - 24th Mar 2015
The development of a code of practice to better screen and educate tourist drivers is being closely watched by the Government.

Planned 30% rates hike raises questions about Queenstown centre - Otago Daily Times - 21st Mar 2015
Central Queenstown businesses face rates hikes of more than 30% to pay for two huge projects, including a controversial convention centre.

Sweet summer helps Wellington shatter records – DomPost, 19 Mar 2015
Wellington may be renowned for being wet and windy but it looks set to become a holiday destination after a record breaking summer for tourism.

Restrictions on tourist drivers may be coming – Newstalk, 18 Mar 2015
Tourists may soon be be restricted from driving on our roads.

Car hire code of conduct welcomed - Otago Daily Times - 18th Mar 2015
A Queenstown rental car manager is pleased others in the industry have taken his company's lead to prevent carnage on the country's roads.

Hotels charging top dollar for Wellington quarter final - Dominion Post - 18th Mar 2015
Hoteliers are rubbing their hands as Wellington throws its doors open for this weekend's Cricket World Cup quarterfinal.

Call police, TIANZ tells tourists – Oamaru Mail, 11 Mar 2015
The Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand (TIANZ) has advised tourist drivers who encounter abuse from other road users to report any incidents to police.

New Zealand seeks to appease residents' anger at foreign drivers – Deutsche Welle, 6 Mar 2015
New Zealand has a reputation as an easygoing country. But now, authorities there are concerned about vigilantes taking tough action against foreign drivers they see as a danger.

Talking money with tourism boss Chris Roberts – Sunday Star-Times, 8 Mar 2015
Tourism Industry Association (TIANZ) chief executive Chris Roberts practises what he preaches.

Kiwis unhappy about Customs computer search plan – Dominion Post, 6 Mar 2015
The country's peak tourism body says Customs should not require people to disclose passwords to their computers and smartphones unless they have grounds for suspicion.

Road safety measures not enough say grieving families - Timaru Herald - 6th Mar 2015
A Christchurch woman who lost two family members in a road crash caused by a tourist driver who ran a stop is calling for research into new road safety measures.

A hot summer for tourism – NZ Herald, 6 Mar 2015
International tourists keen to make the most of New Zealand's stellar summer spent $251 million in the country last month, latest figures show.

New rumble strips, yellow lines for South Island roads – Stuff, 5 Mar 2015
More rumble strips, yellow lines, and keep-left arrows will be installed to help foreign drivers stay safe on South Island roads.

Are We Racist Towards Foreign Drivers? – RadioLive, 4 Mar 2015
The Tourism Industry Association says the spate of tourists having their keys taken from them by local drivers smacks of racism.

Public driver intervention condemned – Otago Daily Times, 4 Mar 2015
Tourism Industry Association New Zealand chief executive Chris Roberts says 'vigilante' action against visiting drivers must be condemned.

Kiwis urged to 'calm down' over key-snatching - TVNZ - 3rd Mar 2015
John Key warned New Zealanders against "taking the law into their own hands", a message backed by the police.

Vigilante action scares tourists off roads - Radio New Zealand - 4th Mar 2015
Tourists are being scared off New Zealand roads by reports of locals taking the law into their hands and confiscating the car keys of visitors they think are driving dangerously.

Tourist Drivers And New Zealand Roads – RadioLive, 1 Mar 2015
Mark talks with Clive Matthew Wilson, Grant Webster, Jim Harland, Chris Robert and Hon Craig Foss on tourist drivers, New Zealand's roads and the issues surrounding them.

February 2015

Travel costs stymie sporting rivalries – Newstalk, 28 Feb 2015
Trans-Tasman sporting rivalry is missing out on tens of millions of dollars from fans reluctant to cross the ditch because of airport red tape and taxes.

Another car key seized in South Island – Radio NZ, 25 Feb 2015
For the second time in six weeks a member of the public has taken car keys from a tourist in the South Island because of fears about unsafe driving.

Chris Roberts: We can make roads safer without tests for foreign drivers – NZ Herald, 26 Feb 2015
It has been a tragic summer on New Zealand roads.

Safety spotlight goes on tourist routes - Otago Daily Times - 24th Feb 2015
In-depth crash analysis of popular tourist routes in the lower South Island is being undertaken to pinpoint what safety measures could be introduced to reduce the tourist-related road toll.

Dodgy driving tourists could be blacklisted from rental companies - New Zealand Herald - 25th Feb 2015
Tourists who've had their rental car agreements cancelled for dodgy driving could soon be blacklisted from hiring vehicles in New Zealand.

Five foreign drivers appear in court – Radio NZ Checkpoint, 23 Feb 2015
Five foreign drivers appeared in court today accused of dangerous driving in different parts of the country.

Immigration relaxes rules for Queenstown – Radio NZ, 23 Feb 2015
A relaxation of immigration rules for people wanting to work in Queenstown is expected to alleviate a critical labour shortage in the resort but some say it does not go far enough.

NZ attracts more visitors from China for New Year celebrations – Radio NZ Morning Report, 19 Feb 2015
For the 1.4 billion Chinese in the world, it's New Year today.

Chinese New Year bigger than Cricket World Cup – The Press, 18 Feb 2015
Chinese New Year travellers are flocking to New Zealand and will outnumber those visiting for the Cricket World Cup, the tourism sector says.

Charges for crash tourist - Taranaki Daily News - 17th Feb 2015
A French tourist is facing three dangerous driving charges after a head-on car crash near Awakino earlier in the year.

Luxury tourism's simple lure - Manawatu Standard - 18th Feb 2015
Tourism NZ (TNZ) says multimillion-dollar marketing efforts to attract high spending international travellers are working.

Chinese holiday stretches capacity - Otago Daily Times - 17th Feb 2015
The Chinese New Year is making an already bustling Queenstown even busier.

Chinese New Year beats Cricket World Cup in tourism stakes – ONE News, 16 Feb 2015
It's shaping up to be a lucrative month for the tourism industry with visitor arrivals expected to set new records for February.

How will SkyCity changes impact tourism? – Radio NZ Morning Report, 16 Feb 2015
The chief executive of the Tourism Industry Association, Chris Roberts, speaks with Guyon Espiner.

New Zealand abuzz ahead of World Cup – AFP, 12 Feb 2015
Organisers say New Zealand is buzzing with excitement ahead of the Cricket World Cup, the largest sporting event held in the South Pacific nation since rugby union’s showcase tournament in 2011.

Surge in visitors to Wellington - Dominion Post - 13th Feb 2015
Wellington has been jumping with a five-year high in visitors during the November to January holiday period and is set to continue with the Cricket World Cup just around the corner.

Big demand for hotel rooms - Taranaki Daily News - 7th Feb 2015
With the Cricket World Cup 2015 days away, hotels in Christchurch and elsewhere in the country are bursting at the seams during what is usually the accommodation sector's busiest month.

Hotel plan - review first, then checkout - New Zealand Herald - 4th Feb 2015

Wairarapa a popular destination for visitors - Wairarapa News, 4 Feb 2015
International visitors are continuing to love coming to Wairarapa.

Chinese tourists flood Auckland Airport - Stuff, 3 Feb 2015
A flood of Chinese tourists has been helping to fill the arrival halls of Auckland Airport in record numbers.

January 2015

Number of tourists hit record 2.86m - New Zealand Herald - 31st Jan 2015
The number of international visitors surged by 5 per cent to 2.86 million last year, putting the tourism industry on track to earn $41 billion a year in the next decade, a sector group says.

Freedom to camp - Christchurch Press - 31st Jan 2015
Freedom-camping tourists have been filling the media with their poor behaviour. 

NZ dollar down, hotel room charges up – NZ Herald, 30 Jan 2015
The falling New Zealand dollar will boost tourism and could enable hotel operators to increase prices.

Queenstown car rental agencies plan 'blacklist' for dangerous drivers – NZ Herald, 22 Jan 2015
Dangerous tourist drivers whose rental vehicle contracts have been cancelled will be blacklisted in a Queenstown trial to prevent them from getting back behind the wheel.

Skepticism over tourist driver website – Newstalk, 21 Jan 2015
Concerns over fatal crashes involving tourist drivers on New Zealand roads have prompted a new website.

Foreign drivers target of new website – 3News, 21 Jan 2015
A new education website that aims to reduce road crashes caused by tourists unfamiliar with New Zealand's roads has been slammed as a "dangerous waste of time".

New road safety website to target tourist drivers – NZ Herald, 21 Jan 2015
Concerns over fatal crashes involving tourist drivers on New Zealand roads have driven a new website aimed at giving crucial information for a safe driving holiday.

More tip offs on risky driving – Radio NZ, 19 Jan 2015
Nearly 13,000 complaints about dangerous driving were made to the police over the Christmas-New Year holiday period.

Staying on the straight and narrow – NZ Herald, 17 Jan 2015
It's becoming a holiday season staple: road deaths and serious crashes linked to overseas drivers.

Tourism Industry working to reduce foreign driver accidents – Radio NZ, 13 Jan 2015
(audio link) The Tourism Industry Association says few fatal crashes involve tourists, but those that do get far more publicity than those involving New Zealanders.

Audio: Chinese Driver Fined $20,000 – RadioLive, 13 Jan 2015
Chris Roberts CEO of Tourism Industry talks about tourists driving in the light of a Chinese driver who has been ordered to pay $20,000 reparation to the family whose car he crashed into.

Support from national tourism body for Shotover Jet – Radio NZ Summer Report, 12 Jan 2015
(audio link) The company behind Queenstown's Shotover Jet is investigating a collision where a jet boat hit a rock.

Massive year for hotels in New Zealand – RadioLive, 12 Jan 2015
(audio link: click on Monday 7.45am, item begins at 7’00”) TIA Hotel Sector Manager Sally Attfield discusses 2014 results for TIA hotel members.

Rising kiwi costs Australian tourists – Stuff, 11 Jan 2015
Australian tourists arriving in New Zealand have their hands in their pockets more these days.

No tourist drops expected after Shotover Jet crash – Newstalk, 11 Jan 2015
Adventure tourists aren't expected to be deterred by yesterday's Shotover Jet crash.

Young tourist remains in hospital after jetboat crash – ONE News, 11 Jan 2014
An investigation has begun into the crash on Queenstown’s Shotover River.

Hotels reporting best year in a decade – Newstalk, 9 Jan 2015
The country's hotels are reporting their best occupancy rates in a decade, during 2014.

NZ hotels hit 10-year high - Radio New Zealand - 10th Jan 2015
Hotel occupancy rates hit a 10-year high last year - but the Tourism Industry Association warns profits still lag behind Australia.

NZ hotels do well in 2014 - 3 News - 10th Jan 2015
More people stayed in hotels in New Zealand in 2014 than in any year in the last decade.The Tourism Industry Association says hotel occupancy for its members was at 76 percent in 2014, up...

Visitor numbers rocketing - Christchurch Press - 9th Jan 2015
Christchurch continues to claw back international visitor numbers lost as a result of the 2011 earthquakes with hotels experiencing strong summer occupancy.

Tourism boss urges calm following latest head-on crash - NZ Herald, 7 Jan 2015
Tourism leaders are appealing for Kiwis not to come down too hard on overseas drivers as police investigate a crash on Monday which has left two French visitors seriously injured.

'Strong start' to summer in resort - Otago Daily Times - 6th Jan 2015
Queenstown has made a bright start to the summer tourist season and operators are reporting higher visitor numbers over the Christmas-New Year period.

NZ hot spot for summer tourism - NZ Herald, 2 Jan 2015
New Zealand is enjoying its best summer for overseas tourist arrivals but operators are worried that demand from our most important market, Australia, could be dented by the fall in the value of the Aussie dollar.


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